Our Services

Collision Repair

Fully Equipped for Any Repair – Large or Small

Because of our knowledge, experience and vast array of state-of- the-art equipment, Western Millennium Collision services every make and model of vehicle. With our highly skilled technicians we can get you back on the road quickly and safely. Our goal is to developed and kept great relationships with all of our customers for years to come.

Automotive Refinishing

Extend the life of your vehicle and restore its original appearance quickly by letting the trained technicians handle your scratch and paint chip repairs. Because we're a full service shop, you won't have to worry about the hassle of being sent elsewhere or having to deal with the dealership. We have the capability to deliver professional results in one convenient location – and we can do it quickly!

We use a special blend of paints and chemicals to repair chips individually. Our technicians focus on restoring the integrity of the original factory finish to preserve your vehicle's resale value. Our spot treatments eliminate the need to repaint the entire panel.


This warranty is limited to any body-related collision repair or refinishing work done on your vehicle. We offer the warranty because we are confident that we are providing you with the best material and workmanship available.

Paintless Dent Repair

We strive to be a leader in hail repair. If you have a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) claim, or a claim with a combination of both PDR and conventional repair (requires refinishing) Western Millennium Autobody is your trusted one-stop location. All of our services offered are in house. Trust us as your one-stop hail repair center.

Windshield Work

Due to the nature of Saskatchewan roads, no windshields are safe from harmful elements. While windshields are the most common replacement here, we also see several other types of auto glass damage to ensure that all of your points of visibility damage-free is essential to ensuring your safety on the road. We proudly provide services for all of your auto glass needs. Our products and services include:

  • Windshields
  • Side windshields
  • Back windshields
  • Truck rear Sliders
  • Factory sunroofs and panoramic sunroof replacement
  • Side view mirrors

Auto Body Repair Estimate

You can just drop by our location for your estimate or phone us at 306-374-2001 to arrange a time. We will be sure to provide a quick and accurate quote to get you back to your busy life. Just drive in and drive out with a quote. Here is our process.

Listen to you: Our process starts by listening to you, understanding what happened and what you want repaired.

Look at your vehicle: We will walk around your vehicle and take a full set of pictures. We thoroughly inspect your vehicle pointing out to you things we find as we go. When required we will do a quick disassemble of your vehicle and do a thorough and quick inspection to identify any hidden damage so the quote we provide to your insurance company is accurate, and we have no surprises.

Plan your repair: Next we plan out your repair and the logistics for ordering parts so that any replacement parts we need are on hand before we start. Our process is, when everything is ready we will bring your vehicle in to do the repairs, this way once your vehicle touches down in our shop we can start and finish the work in the shortest possible cycle time.

Prepare your quote: We will take a minute to walk you through the critical steps in process for repairing your car and working with your insurance company and filling a police report. We will prepare your claim and file it with your insurance adjustor and take care of the approval and claim process for you, while keeping you up to date on progress.

Frame Straightening

Our shop is equipped with the best technology and processes to ensure straightening your vehicle's frame. We start by setting your vehicle up on our frame rack and attaching a series of sensors to measure the unibody or frame. The computer program uses a laser to accurately identify the position of the alignment points of the frame and generates a report so we can see exactly where the frame is out of alignment. The software then pinpoints where to attach the pulling attachments and our qualified frame technician straightens the frame. Once the frame is straightened we print a report showing before and after alignment and if required we can print you a copy or send it to your insurance company as proof of correct alignment.